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Every Day Counts

Every Day Counts
We would like to remind parents of the importance of attending school every day. Please ensure your child/children are attending school each and every day unless they are sick or have a legitimate reason to be absent. If your child is absent from school we require you to notify the school by telephoning the office on 4729 3555 or by utilising the SKOOLBAG APP function. This must be done each time your child is absent from school. However, when your child is absent from school, and we are unaware of the reason, we will generate an SMS message asking you to contact the school regarding your child’s absence.
1 or 2 days a week doesn’t seem that much but…
If your child misses
that equals…
which is…
and over 13 years of school that’s…
1 day a fortnight
20 days per year
4 weeks per year
Nearly 1.5 years
1 day a week
40 days per year
8 weeks per year
Over 2.5 years
2 days a week
80 days per year
16 weeks per year
Over 5 years
3 days a week
120 days per year
24 weeks per year
Nearly 8 years
The effect of absence on progress
A whole year has 365 days; a school year has 190 days. That leaves 175 days to spend on family time; holidays; visits; shopping and other appointments.
No absence
10 days absence/year
12 days absence/year
19 days absence/year
29 days absence/year
38 days absence/year
190 days of education
180 days of education
178 days of education
171 days of education
161 days of education
152 days education
Very Good
Serious Concern